Fishing the Local Waters

There are Several Rivers in the imediate vicitity the has excellent fishing: Of course the largest and the best known is the Mighty Columbia. Other very good fishing rivers are the Kalama, (which is next to the Camp), the Lewis River, and the Cowlitz River. Most of the fish mentioned, can be found in most of the rivers.

Walleye - One of the most popular fish in the Columbia, Walleye are a real sporting fish to catch and are considered by many as one of the best eating fresh water fish available. Walleye can be caught through out the whole year but spring (February - April) is usually the best.

Sturgeon - Hard runs and aerial leaps make this the "Big Game of the Columbia" a challenge for any sportsman to land with rod and reel. Sturgeon from 7 to 9 feet long are caught regularly. Although the oversized fish must be released, the catch will give you an experience you won't soon forget. Late May through July provides the best action due to the enormous runs of American Shad that they feed on.

Smelt - ---- early spring Smelt can be found in all the local rivers in the early spring; and are general caught using nets or buckets to dip the fish out of the water. They are good eaters and excellent smokers.

Steelhead - Winter Runs are December thru March and the Summer runs start in June and continue through the end of the August. Whether you fly fish, plunk, spin fish or troll the Local Rivers you don't want to miss out on this spectacular fishing.

Salmon - King Salmon can be caught in the late February through April. Fall runs of Chinook and Coco migrating up the Local Rivers provide excellent fishing in August / October time frame. Salmon fish over 40 pounds are not uncommon. Trolling deep diving plugs or jigging spoons are the most effective methods of catching these great fish.

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