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I will buy your collectable AMBASSADEUR caster!

I will buy your collectable AMBASSADEUR caster!

Well fourteen years have passed since I started selling on EBAY and collecting AMBASSADEUR reels. Many great people have been met from all over the world. Some of you have contacted me because of the site and many friendships established. I live on the West coast in southwest Washington and still get a phone call from someone on the East coast at 5 or 6 AM.


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For Sale

I just purchased 120 ABU Ambassadeur casting reels from a collector. 60% are new in the box reels and a number of unboxed reels ideal for the FISHERMAN. I'll be very competitive on the price so don't be bashful about making an offer on any reel. There some CDL Gold Collection Reels, 2000 MILLENNIUM ROD AND REEL SETS, numerous small casters, an 8500 Mint In box and numerous 6500 and 7000 size reels. There are some NOSTALGIA small casters for sale also.

2000 MILLENNIUM SETS. These are difficult to photograph. They are Mint-new in box. They include 6500CS Rocket and a 100% graphite 8' 6 " rod Titanium plated. Each set has matching rod and reel serial numbers. The box meaures 57x7x3.5 inches. Postal rate will be determined at time of sale. These definitely are collectible items and a must have for the serious ABU collector. These are priced to sell so act now if interested. Price $300.00 plus actual postage cost.

I am accepting offers on a NIB Black 2500c Nostalgia reel. These are very rare as a few less than 500 were ever manuf. I would also consider using it in a trade transaction for a NIB Green 2500c NOSTALGIA REEL...

Reel List: I will email you the list of 100 plus reels upon your request. Email me your request to: In case you call, 1-360-703-6256 I'm located in Kalama, Wa. West Coast Time Zone

Nostalgia 1500C red(pinkish) NIB for sale. Only 1501 manuf. in 1997/99. The red 1500C was the only 1500C size reel made of the four Nostalgia reel series. The others were of the 2500C size shown below. Foot number of this reel is 070109/36. This color is unique to this reel and has not been used on another model. This reel comes with an alternate double handle which is a little larger. Included is original paper work, schematic, wrench, oil and double handle. This is an investment grade reel.

PRICE: $450.00 $375.00 plus insured postage.



Titled: SMALL AMBASSADEURS. This is a great book and covers the 1500c and 2500c and their variations. . Never before have we had the detail that this book provides on these models.This is a must for Collectors. Contact AMAZON TO PURCHASE.


Yes, the reel market is off and has been for a couple years. The high end quality reels are still in demand and are generally demanding TOP DOLLAR. Reel boxes are still demanding high dollar and so important when you have a mint reel. In recent years, collectors seem to prefer reels that were manufactured as a regular production reel compared to those reels that have been designated as ANNIVERSRY reels or other specially designated reels.


Collecting Ambassadeur reels has become a popular activitie and is a worldwide hobby. Knowledge about the reels you are collecting is so important. One has to be able to recognize "knock-offs" and they are on Ebay most any day. A collector needs to know what affect "replacement" parts on a reel have and the effect they have as to value. A replacement part on a reel sold as original can be critical and in many cases collectors will not even look at your reel.

Ambassadeur boxes wanted:

Will buy box for 5500G (gold) top $$$, brown box for 5500 and 6500 reels, red box for 4500. Tan box for 2500c1 If you have others for reels prior to 1981, lets talk!! The year 2014 is in the books and it has left me the challenge of acquiring a few of the more rare AMBASSADEURS. The economy has slowed many of us down but there still is a fair market for the truly rare reels. I recently sold one of my gold 5000D reels and a mint boxed 4000D. I'm still searching for the 5000D box for the gold 5000D reel. Picture is shown adjacent to my gold 5000D. I WOULD PAY BIG DOLLARS FOR THIS BOX!!!!

The 4000D and 5000D were identical reels specifically designed for the bass caster. The 4000D came in brown only and the 5000D came in green and a very few in CHAMPAIGN GOLD. The gold reels were made for one customer in the northern Midwest and did not have a box of their own. The box for the green 5000D was used with a small sticker on the end flap reading, GAMBLE SKOGMO 50TH ANNIVERSARY. These reels were designed with an innovative direct drive free spool drag system.


THIS PAST MAY, 2015, I MET THE OWNER OF ONE OF THE VERY RAREST REELS IN THE WORLD. THIS IS THE GREEN RECORD 5000 THAT WAS PICTURED ON SIMON SHIMOMURAS BOOK, THE FINAL CHAPTER. The former owner of this reel was my collector friend who passed away in 2014. Very little is known about this reel. Some say there was but 20-30 originally manuf. A few photos were taken this past May under less than ideal lighting.


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