Internet Magic!  
Free Stuff for Educators! 
by Patti Tjomsland 
Mark Morris High School, Longview, Washington OR 
updated  Summer 2005
 This site is now on several pages.  It was getting longer and slower to load.  Links below will take you to the correct page.  You are on page one.  Indicates a recently added freebie.
New!  Walden Media has great things for teachers.  You need to register first.  Then you can enter contest, get teaching guides, etc.  Right now if you register you can get a free Charolette's Web wall planning calendar with 5 reproducible lessons  and a teaching guide for Because of Winn Dixie.
New! Great site to have books read aloud.  Storyline from the Screen Actors' Guild.  Listen and look as books are read aloud and the pages are turned.  Hear Polar Express, Brave Irene and more.
Page One:  Contents
Free computers Free Internet Access BookMark Storage Software
Arts and Crafts Posters Awards, Puzzles,  Graphic Organizers Language Arts, English and General Curriculum
Maps Magazines and Newspapers Math and Science Music
Worksheets, Printables, Lesson Ideas and Support Museums, Zoos etc. Technical Support Test Prep and Study Skills
Miscellaneous Specific Items
Page Two:
Free for Everyone Free Fax and Phone Rebates Free Clip Art
Downloads Games E-Cards Free Money
Drive Free Rewards for Surfing Donate with a click Online Fundraising
Page Three
Teachers only:  Megalists Free Web Hosting, Web Tools and Email Free Digital Photo Storage
NEWScrapbooking freebies
Handout for session-- this is from 2000, but still has good advice:
Free Computers
Laptop Teacher Foundation
    In the process of getting sponsors to fund a laptop to computer to every teacher who registers.  At this time high school teachers are not included.
Free Internet Access
This is an area that is changing.  A month ago there were numerous free ISP's, now they are rare.   Requires monthly completion of offers
Avant Go    Aimed at PDA's and phones.
    Free ISP for the Northwest and also New England.  No advertising!
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Free Online Bookmark Storage
Bookmark Commando
Bookmark Tracker
I Keep Bookmarks
My Bookmarks
Free Software
    Flags is a designed to teach kids (and adults) world geography. The game is
    an ideal research and teaching tool to quickly learn  the names of capitals,
    national flags, country  location, neighbors, and much more.
Free CD Software -- you pay postage
    I've used this.  The CD's come without the fancy packaging -- but they work.
Hot Potatoes
    Create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence,
    crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.  I've used this and it is easy to learn.
Kids Domain
    Educational games for PC and MAC listed in an easy to use format: by age, by type and by platform.
Screen Savers -- Brains
    Great for science classes.
Educational Freeware

Arts and Crafts -- for a new section on scrapbooking click here 
Barbie, Let’s Create
Bat Flip Book
Calendars to Print -- elementary
Whale Flip Book
Ben & Jerry’s New England Village
Book binding -- 5 stitch
    Excellent directions to make and bind your own book.
Bookmaking Projects
Bookmark Craft Projects
    Animation tutorials
Crafts for Kids
    Links to all kinds of crafting sites from About.Com
Craft Patterns
Cross Stitch Pattern for Library Bookmark, Cute!
Cross Stitch Patterns from Jan Brett -- Very Cute!
Disney Printables and Activities
Drawing from
    Directions for drawing creatures from 4 different books.  Included are: dolphin, ocotopus, shark, frog, bison, kangaroo, anteater, cheetah, macaw, toucan, camel, rattlesnake, tortoise, and a scorpion.
Flip Books -- snowman, Santa, autumn, motoring through the ages
Five Stitch Book Binding -- free directions
Free Cloth Doll Patterns
    A whole page of links to places you can download pattern for cloth dolls.
    Subjects include  animals, angels, and people.  There are links to supplies
    for the projects
Funny Face Flip Book -- from Enchanted Learning
Garden Grow
    I've always wanted to make one of  those "cookie in a jar" gifts.  Here is a great site with recipes.  Great idea for homemade Christmas gifts.  They also sell books to get even more of these great recipes.
Jan Brett's Project Page
    Jan Brett's pages are amazing!  My favorite!
Kids Domain Craft Exchange
Lesson Plans for Art Projects from SAX Arts and Crafts
Michaels Kids’ Club
Paper Airplane Resources --this wasn't working so I am trying the one below.
Paper Zone
    Free templates and craft ideas.
Patriotic Arts and Crafts
Pop-Up -- Joan Irvine, How to Make a Pop-Up
Stationery, Cards and more from Woman's Day Magazine
T-Rex -- Draw T-Rex
Woodworking Plans

Free Posters
 Anti Tobacco Posters
Boyd's Mill Press
    Watch for free posters... they come and go
CyberED INC.  Free Science Posters and a CD
Disaster Action Kids
    More than just posters.
Educational Rights of Homeless Children: Posters
Food Web Poster
Fur Free Downloadable Posters
    yes they are biased
Hobby Poster    Supplies limited
Kane/Miller Books
    Send a SASE and get posters, bookmarks, bumperstickers and more.  Elementary.
Leafy Greens
    Use their lesson plan and get free bookcovers, a poster and more.
Motivational Posters from Print-a-Poster
    True they are only 5x7, but if you really like them you can
    buy bigger ones.  This is a great size for story starters or smaller bulletin boards.
Navy Seal Poster
NIDA Mind over Matter... Drug free Posters
    You have to contact them by snail mail, but the posters are colorful.
Plant Posters --Native Freshwater Plants and Invasive Non-Native Plants
Poster Gallery from Mitsubishi
    You have to download and print these, but the "Rat Race" one is pretty cool.
Poster Listing
Science Posters
    Beautiful, full color posters include: The Human Genome, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Earth Anatomy, Cosmic Evolution, Vernal Pool Life, Scale and Size, and the Science of Change
Teaching Plastics
Water Resources Posters

Free Worksheets, Printables, Lesson Ideas and Support
ABC Teach
Shape books, forms, flashcards, themes.  Lots for free, but consider an inexpensive subscription.  Great site for elementary.
Activities:    Gryphon House books
    For Early Elementary activities, click on "Free Activities." It is in a big red sunburst in the upper right.  There are LOTS of activities of all kinds that are taken out of books they sell on their site.
AtoZ Teacher Stuff
Corn:  Educational resources from Kansas
Dairy Council of California
    Teacher materials for free.  K-6 teachers can schedule the Mobile Dairy Classroom to come to their school for free.
Florida Dairy Council
    Promotional items for Florida Teachers.
Dairy --Washington State Dairy Council
    PowerPoint lessons, sticker masters, games, etc.
Discipline Help
Evan Moore Teaching Ideas -- Print outs
4 Tests
    Free Practice Tests
Free Worksheets from Improving
    4500  free worksheets
Handouts for all levels
    also try
Honey bees and more from Capilano Honey
Laura Candler's File Cabinet
    There are many activities here that Laura uses in her classroom.  All are nicely organized in filecabinets.  For about grade 4-5 but can easily be adapted.
    Variety of directions, tips, etc.
National Postal Museum's Free Educational Material
Pink Monkey
    Pink Monkey has free book notes, practice tests and full-text classics
Potato Help
    poster, lessons, etc. about the potato
Project Based Learning Check Lists
Quiz Star -- create an online Quiz
Resume help from
RubiStar Rubric builder
Sunkist Kids
    Look for the link to free lesson plans.  There are also games and quizzes for kids.  A "lemonaide stand" type of simulation is here too.
Teachnology -- Rubrics
Templates for Teachers
Web Worksheet Wizard
Worksheet Generator
    Easy to make all kinds of worksheets.

Free Graphic Organizers, Award Makers and Puzzles 
Certificate Templates
    They even have a free Nursery School Diploma!
Certificate Creator -- Look for the free sections in the new window that opens
Free Word Search Puzzles
    From Pokemon to Beanie Babies.  Look for link to free jigsaw puzzles.
    These are from
Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers from Enchanted Learning
Graphic Organizers printables
Graphic Organizers from SCORE
    Try the 48 piece USA map.  Free! Fun!
Puzzle Factory
    Fun sounds when you get the pieces in the right spot.  3 levels of difficulty
Puzzle House
    Look for what is free.  This site would like you to buy the puzzles.  Still... there is a lot for free too.
    Now has a home at Discovery School.
Solve Puzzles
Venn Diagram Creator

Language Arts, English and General Curriculum Materials
Activity Pages for preschool and early elementary
Basic Handwriting -- exercises, patterns, etc.  Look on the left side of the page for an index to click on.
Book Plates at My Home Library
    Wow.  Lots of color and black and white bookplates for use by teachers and kids for noncommerical use.
Children's Storybooks Online
This is a fun free site from Nickelodeon.  Dora and Boots, Writing Practice Paper.
Dave Pilkey Website O Fun
DLTK Publishing -- make a book
English Exercises Online
Jan Brett
  Bookmarks, alphabets, masks, ecards, mobiles, finger puppets, and more.
    A wonderful resource for teachers.  Get your free Jan Brett pack
    when you sign-up.
Magnetic Poetry
    Try clicking on the Kids' Poetry Pages or try Play Online.  These are like the kits you can buy to stick on your refrigerator or filing cabinet.   Of course sets are for sale on the site.
Midge Frazel's Home Page
    Projects, activities, resources for teachers and librarians.
Mrs. Alphabet
    Lots of activities for kids and information for teachers.
    Most is for younger students.  Lots of games to learn letters.
My Home   Great bookplates for noncommerical use.  Great site!
    From Nickelodeon, information for using their programming
    in the classroom.  Free lesson plans, etc.
Song Quotes from Rock Wisdom
     -- from Rock probably for older students
Starfall:  Reading Site.  Teachers can request free workbooks to teach reading skills.  These are for K-2 teachers!  Read the info carefully and only send for them it you are going to use these workbooks.  There is special info for LD teachers.  Class sets are available.  At this time (Feb. 2003) shipping is also free.  There are also games and other reading activities at this great site.
Typing Speed Check Test
    Check your typing speed online.  I couldn't decide where to put this site!  Sometimes the banner ads are questionable for younger students.
    Any web site can be entered and then all the words can be linked to a dictionary.
Vocabulary University
    Three Levels of difficulty.  SAT and more.

Free Maps
Afghanistan Maps
Canada.  Atlas of Canada
David Rumsey Map Collection
    Large collection, perhaps a little hard to search for younger kids.  Great resource for staff.
Map Quest
Maps in the mail -- not the easiest site to figure out, but look for an alphabetical table and check what state maps you can send for free.  (Print maps)
Maps -- from Harcourt
    Also has other free teaching material for reading, and more.
Military Maps
    Links to a wide variety of maps.  List from the US Navy.
National Geographic Map Machine
Outline Maps
    Blackline, outline maps ready to print.  From Scott Foresman.  Look in the lower right corner of the site.
Outline Maps Sites
     to all kinds of outline maps. Organized alphabetically.
United States Military Academy -- Department of History Maps
    Wonderful military maps.  From ancient warfare to the present.
Washington (State)  Early Washington Maps
    Collection from Holland Library at Washington State University  (go Cougs!)

Free Magazines And Newspapers
These are both print and online.  Many magazines have some of their articles full text for free.
Consumer Information Center
    Links to all newspapers and many magazines available on the Net.  Create your own newspaper or use their list of links.
    Education's Online Newspaper
FDA Consumer
    Free full text articles on consumer issues.
How Stuff Works
    Magazine for middle school.  60 copies free.
    Lots of free information on technology and computer applications.
T.H.E. Journal.
    Check the web site for information on how to get a free subscription
    to this technology in education publication.
Learning Company free email newsletter
The List of Free Computer Related Publications -- Hasn't been updated since '98
Mag Portal
Medical Journals
Online News Hour
    Full text transcripts back to 1996
Scholastic In School
    Ready to use lessons for grades 1-6.  In fact, this site has tons
    of free stuff for educators to use in their classrooms.
    Yes, there is even info on Harry Potter!
Syllabus Magazine -- free for teachers
Teacher Magazine
    Many of the articles are full text.

Math and Science
A#1 Teacher Resources:  Mathematics K-12
    Well worth browsing.  Lots of free things including a listing of CD's.
    You pay 8.00 shipping.
Algebra Worksheet Generator
    I admit, I know next to nothing about math.  (I only learned percentages
    so I could figure out the sale price!)  However, this looks like a handy
    tool for generating worksheets.
Bureau of Land Management:  Teacher Resources
Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages
Flinn Scientific Inc
    Free Innovative Ideas and Valuable Information for Your Science
    Classroom.  These free things are for science teachers only!
Fossils and Fossil Collecting
    Free publications on fossils and dinosaurs.
    There is also a fossil poster available
I Love What I Hear
    8 minute video and teaching guide for grades 3-6 on taking care of your hearing.
Math Question Generator
Math Stories
    This used to be free.  Now it is $12.00 Per year.  English or Spanish.
Mineral Information Institute
    3 different teacher helper packets.  Need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    There are also poster packets.  Get 5-6 posters for $2.00 each.
Money Central Station
    Games dealing with money.  Divided into two age groups.  5-8 and 9-13.
    Click on the link to worksheets.  Choose and print.
National Wildlife Week
Paper Airplanes -- download a few for free... pay for the full 50
Science Games
Science in Your Shopping Cart
Scientific American Frontiers free teaching guides
Seeds:  America the Beautiful Free Seeds.
    You must fill out the form.
Weather Dude   Nick Walker's fun weather site
    for kids,  parents and teachers.  Teachers:  check out the $500
    weather grants.
Weather Maps... How to Read Them
Weather Watch
    Pairs up classes to study weather in different places.
Weather Wiz Kids
Wildflower Reference Guide and Seed Catalog

Bulletin Board Ideas for Music Teachers.
    Check the link to the Rock Music fonts.  Find the Doors, Beatles, Nirvana, etc. fonts.
CD Case Designs from Memorex
Choral Public Domain Library -- Sheet Music
Classical Music Archives
Country Music Lyrics
Cyberfret -- guitar lessons
Dallas Symphony Kids' Room
Danmans Music
    Danman has a BIG site.  Some of it is free, some of it is pay.  This link takes you to teacher resources, which include free instrument tuning, various music paper templates, K-12 music puzzles, online metronome, scale and chord pop-ups and more.
Drum Lesson Database
    You won't believe all of the free lessons here!  Over 250!
Folksong Lyrics
    The main page has a link to a kid's section.  You can find directions for making: gourd rattlers, scrapers, rattles, etc.  There is also an advertisement for their "famous" nearly nude calendar.  No pictures.  Just a caution.
Guitar Lessons from Guitar Noise
Kids' Music
Kids' Songs Lyrics
Music Fonts-- Rock Rage
NIEHS Song Lyrics for Kids..  with sound
One Minute Music Lessons (piano)
    These are very basic and would be good for children.
Piano Nanny
    Each lesson takes about 35 minutes to complete.  Site requires various plug-ins.
San Francisco Symphony Kids Site
    Music, Instruments and more.  Great for elementary.
Whole Note:  The Online Guitar Community
        This site not only offers guitar lessons with notation and customizable music playback for all
        skill levels and styles, it also offers tools to help you build your own lessons. You can explore links, reviews, news, forums, ear training, and more. The site includes ads.

Museums, Zoos and other places to visit
Allentown Art Museum (Pennslyvania)
    Free Admission Every Sunday
Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
    School Groups can visit FREE with advance reservations.
    Free to everyone the first Tuesday of every month.  Every Thursday after 5 PM.
Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington   At this time the museum is closed.  (Aug.  2004)
    Free admission the third Thursday of each month.
Boston Children's Museum
    Not only do they have free admission for teachers, you can use their Ellison cutting machine, library and even get space for meetings.  You can also get a discount in the museum store.
California Academy of Sciences
    Free to everyone the first Wednesday of each month.  Part of the City Pass program.
City Pass
    Anyone can buy these for Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Toronoto, Southern California, etc.  Great savings if you visit all of the attractions on the pass.
Field Museum in Chicago:    Free admission for teachers.
    Wednesdays are free for everyone.
Frye Art Museum, Seattle
    Free admission
Getty Museum Teacher Resource Center
Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida
    Free admission for teachers
HARTFORD. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art ( no web site)
        Thursdays, free to individuals all day, 11:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Maryland Science Center:
    Free Admission for Maryland school groups and teachers.  Unclear on the site if this is still so.
Museum of Flight -- Seattle
    Several of the 3hour workshops are free for teachers.  It looks like K-12 teachers can receive a free 3 year membership to the museum.  This includes free admission.  As of August 2004, I could no longer find that info on the site.  you might call and ask.  If you ever in Seattle this is a NOT TO BE MISSED museum.  It is also part of the Seattle City Pass.
Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, Kansas
    Free admission for teachers.  Looks like it is only when you bring a group of kids.
Washington State History Museum
    Free admission from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Thursdays.
Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Workshops
    A grant from Boeing is paying for teachers to take these zoo workshops.

Coaching Help

Free Technical Support
Download Guide
Five Star Support
Silex Technologies
    Free tech help by phone.  If they can't solve your problem on the phone you can arrange for someone to come to your location (for a fee).
Tech Support Guy
ZD Net

Test prep
Advanced Placement
    Tips and suggestions.
Homework Help Online
    Check the section on study skills
100 Most Common SAT Words
    This is a teacher-made quiz on QUIA
SAT Sample
Study Guides

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Specific Freebies

All 4 Free Educational Supplies
    A list of links for educational supplies.
Book Covers
Book Covers:  Write or call  BookCovers, 360 Youth, 26 Castilian Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 800-362-4027.  Yes, they have advertising.  Yes, they are free.  Thi s was formerly All Campus Media.
Book Plates  My Home   Great bookplates for noncommerical use.  Great site!
Campbell's Soup Recipes
    Check this site and other food companies for freebies.
    This site lets you get directions for just about anything:
    from cleaning your deck to seeing if a watermelon is ripe.
Free Mouse Pad
    Only ONE entry per  household
Learn Free on the Net
Free Mouse pads for your School
Speeches-- Speaking for the Century
   Audio of famous speeches.
Stamp Man
    Gives away 500 rubber stamps a week.  You choose what you want it to say.
Top Secret Recipes on the Web
    Get recipes from restaurants and more!

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Free Tutors from Uncle Sam
    Through the America Reads program.  Check the details.
Gas Price Watch
Phone Hog
Earn free long distance by clicking on sites.  LOTS of pop-ups on this site.
Printable Checklists

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